image of boxer named Angel


BIS Multi BISS GCH Inspiration's Breath of Heaven

We had the great opportunity to watch Angel grow up from a puppy to a beautiful girl. When it became time for Angel to become a Special, we were so thrilled when Gina Freer asked us to be part of her specials career. We loved watching Angel and Christa work their magic in the ring.

Thyroid Normal
Holter Normal

CH Hi-Tech’s Arbitrage, SOM, LOM

AM/CAN CH Fiero’s Tally-Ho Tailo, SOM, SOMC, LOM

AM/CAN CH Fiero’s Smash Hit

AM CH Hillcircle’s Phoenix

TuRos Courtesan

Fiero’s Iva-Natu

AM/CAN/INT CH Wagner Wilverday Famous Amos, SOM, LOM

Kirken’s Sihnjin

AM CH Boxerton Hollyhock, DOM, CD

AM CH Tall Oaks Desert Dazzler, SOM

AM/CAN/INT CH Wagner Wilverda Famous Amos, SOM, LOM

Tall Oaks Solar Flame

Boxerton Empress Tree

AM CH Are Kay ‘N’ Dormac’s You Betcha

Boxerton Devil’s-Bit

AM CH HydePark Reflected Inspiration

AM CH Woods End Time ‘N Again

INT CH Wood’s End Crown Sable, SOM, SOMC, LOM

AM CH Keil’s Dynasty, SOM, SOMC, LOM

AM CH Woods End Moon Whisper, DOM

AM CH Tenebo’s Cuchullain

AM CH Champagne Time N Time Again

AM CH Tenebo’s Sable Doll, DOM

Hyde Park’s Promise

AM/CAN CH Garnsey’s Mad Max

AM CH TuRo’s Empire, SOM

TuRo’s Fury of Cachet

Hyde Park’s Noel

AM CH Woods End Sarmeda’s Legacy, CD

Hyde Park’s Kindred Spirit

Proud member of the Mid-West Boxer Club & Greater Saint Louis Boxer Club
Home of BIS BISS GCH Sapphire’s Violet Sky In Vegas of Streamline “Zoey”
2013 American Boxer Club National Best of Opposite Winner
Multi BISS GCH Ensign’s Justified, SOM “Peyton”
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